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October 14, 2020
by Alex Wilkie

Adventures in Aesthetics

In June and July, CISP hosted an online workshop entitled ‘Adventures in aesthetics: Rethinking aesthetics beyond the bifurcation of nature’ with contributions by: Heather Davis; Matthew Fuller; Nicholas Gaskill; Andrew Goffey; Michael Guggenheim; Maximilian Haas; Michael Halewood; Cecile Malaspina; Mike Michael; Marsha Rosengarten; Martin Savransky; Melanie Sehgal, and; Alex Wilkie.

The workshop programme included four sessions, including an introduction to the workshop proposition followed by three themed plenaries on: Aesthetics, noise and disease; aesthetics and practices of care within and beyond the arts, and; aesthetics and adventures in/of education.

Below is the workshop description.

Why Adventures of Aesthetics?
Since the 18th century and the event of modern science, the nature of aesthetics, aesthetic practices and the habits of thinking about aesthetics have, by and large, mirrored the ordering of science founded on the bifurcation of nature.… Continue reading

September 9, 2016
by CISP Administrator

Workshop: The New Experimentalisms

A one day workshop at CISP/Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Tuesday September 20th 2016, 10-5pm

Room RHB 137a

Organised by Michael Guggenheim, Dan Neyland, Alex Wilkie

Recent Science and Technology Studies (STS) work on experiments has provided a basis for rethinking the terms, practices and consequences of experimentation. This has opened up opportunities to question, for example, experimental controls, provocative containments, training and professional practice. This work has also broadened the traditional STS focus on scientific laboratories to also include economic, social scientific and commercial experimentation, exploring new territories of experimentation and their attendant means of reproducing the world.… Continue reading

January 29, 2014
by Noortje Marres
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Notes on Data Practices

Data is a hot topic. It is both something that will save us, and something we must be saved from. It is the next revolution, a deluge and a particularly potent ideology. On the one hand we have major digital institutions, fronted by social physicists and computer scientists, developing ever more sophisticated tools for storing, analysing and visualising data. On the other hand we have a growing number of critical scholars interrogating issues ranging from privacy concerns to the data hype’s ontological and epistemological baggage.

Recent seminars on ‘Data Practices’ – the theme of this years Design and Social Science seminar series co-organised by the Design and Sociology Dept at Goldsmiths – have tried to combine the affirmative and the critical approach.… Continue reading

March 13, 2012
by jcastillos


On March 7,  The Programme in Experimentation in Art and Politics (SPEAP) , an MA programme recently established at Sciences Po (Paris), visited The Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process (CSISP) at Goldsmiths. The day was part of a longer Concentration Week that SPEAP students and staff spent at Goldsmiths, visting different departments. The week was dedicated to a specific research theme: If nature is no longer a mere background for human acitvities, what change does this entail for art and the social sciences? The theme was communicated to participants in advance, and during the workshop they engaged with it through presentation, film and discussion.… Continue reading