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October 31, 2018
by CISP Administrator

Prototyping the Idiotic City. From Frictionless to Recalcitrant Cities

















A conference report

Mike Michael, Gyorgyi Galik, Jennifer Gabrys, Alison Powell, Noortje Marres, Uriel Fogué, and Ola Söderström

This post was co-authored by the organisers Martin Tironi, Liam Healy, Fabian Namberger and Michael Guggenheim


The Prototyping the Idiotic City workshop was held June 7, 2018. Organized by the Centre of Invention and Social Process and Fondecyt Grant No. 1180062, the interdisciplinary event was designed to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the possibilities offered by the concept of the idiot (Deleuze and Guattari, 2014; Stengers, 2005) in relation to the emergence of the idea of the Smart City and its datafication dynamics.… Continue reading

January 29, 2014
by Noortje Marres
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Notes on Data Practices

Data is a hot topic. It is both something that will save us, and something we must be saved from. It is the next revolution, a deluge and a particularly potent ideology. On the one hand we have major digital institutions, fronted by social physicists and computer scientists, developing ever more sophisticated tools for storing, analysing and visualising data. On the other hand we have a growing number of critical scholars interrogating issues ranging from privacy concerns to the data hype’s ontological and epistemological baggage.

Recent seminars on ‘Data Practices’ – the theme of this years Design and Social Science seminar series co-organised by the Design and Sociology Dept at Goldsmiths – have tried to combine the affirmative and the critical approach.… Continue reading

January 28, 2013
by Laurie Waller
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CSISP Salon with David Oswell: In an age of devices before devices, are we all post-representational?


David Oswell began this CSISP Salon with the assertion that devices like apps are everywhere. STS researchers use devices as most people use apps: as tools for navigating through the complexities of the social world. The novelty of STS approaches in social science are often premised on the claim that it’s possible to open up and look inside devices. Navigating in contemporary STS is thus often characterised as a process of following and tracing the inscriptions constituting a device; through practices of description STS works through the device out to the world. Moreover, as Savage and Burrows recently argued, the development of description as a mode of scholarly engagement is needed for a contemporary sociology to address the challenges posed by a “knowing capitalism” capable of appropriating the devices sociologists once thought to be their own.… Continue reading

January 21, 2013
by Noortje Marres

What is Digital Sociology?

There have been some posts recently about Digital Sociology (here and here), and I would like to add a few comments, based on my experience developing the MA/MSc Digital Sociology at Goldsmiths together with others.

I might as well begin with my main point: I have one big fear about digital sociology, and that is that it will be seized upon as an opportunity to re-enact the drama of the ‘two cultures’ : I mean the debate in which humanistically inspired approaches are pitched against narrow scientistic ones – with sociologists thinking they must choose to be either ‘with them or against us.’… Continue reading