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April 4, 2019
by Emily Nicholls

Witness Seminars on HIV Histories

Disentangling European HIV/AIDS Policies: Activism, Citizenship and Health (EUROPACH) is a Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) funded study, which explores the ways in which the history of HIV is mobilised in policy and activism in Germany, UK, Poland, Turkey and at a European level. The UK research is based in CISP and, below, Emily Jay Nicholls introduces the witness seminars she and Marsha Rosengarten convened as part of the project.

Between November 2017 and June 2018, Marsha Rosengarten and I convened a series of ‘witness seminars’ on various topics relating to the history of HIV. The series was part of our work as the UK-based researchers on Disentangling European HIV/AIDS Policies: Activism, Citizenship and Health (EUROPACH) and included seminars on the topics of: Antiretroviral Drugs up to and Including the Proposition of Treatment as Prevention (TasP) and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), The Criminalisation of HIV Transmission, HIV Prevention and Health Promotion and Women and HIV.… Continue reading

February 25, 2019
by Emily Nicholls

The Dangers of Participation: Speaking For the Social in Large-Scale Engineering Projects

2019 Penny Harvery ALPenny Harvey, University of Manchester

The Annual Department of Sociology Lecture, hosted by the Centre for Invention & Social Process.

14th March 2019 17.30-19.00

Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Whitehead Building, Goldsmiths, University of London



The lecture offers a critical analysis of the ways in which ‘the social’ is elicited as an interlocutor in projects that seek to deploy technical means to achieve social transformation. The discussion focuses on the staging of an experimental ‘hybrid forum’ that was designed to demonstrate a method to professionals engaged in the design and delivery of large-scale engineering projects. The method cuts across established ways in which such professionals would routinely look for support from social sciences who might otherwise be expected to speak for the social through the techniques of aggregation or abstraction that form the bedrock of quantitative approaches.… Continue reading

February 12, 2019
by Emily Nicholls

Launching the CISP Salon: Vexations and Diplomacy in the Ecologies of Care

Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Jade Henry shares her reflections from the first CISP Salon of the 2018-2019 series, ‘Ecologies of Care.

In December, a group of doctoral and early career researchers met to launch the 2018-2019 CISP Salon. The theme for this year’s Salon, “Ecologies of Care”, is a reference to Stengers’ invitation to deploy “ecologies of practice” as a “tool for thinking” about the contested practices of technoscience (2005). We will be thinking particularly about practices in science and technology which aspire to care. As Puig de la Bellacasa notes, scientific projects and technology solutions are regularly put forth in response to calls for care in our fragile and troubled world, even as these practices create and reinforce power asymmetries that produce injustice (2011).… Continue reading

October 31, 2018
by CISP Administrator

Prototyping the Idiotic City. From Frictionless to Recalcitrant Cities

















A conference report

Mike Michael, Gyorgyi Galik, Jennifer Gabrys, Alison Powell, Noortje Marres, Uriel Fogué, and Ola Söderström

This post was co-authored by the organisers Martin Tironi, Liam Healy, Fabian Namberger and Michael Guggenheim


The Prototyping the Idiotic City workshop was held June 7, 2018. Organized by the Centre of Invention and Social Process and Fondecyt Grant No. 1180062, the interdisciplinary event was designed to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the possibilities offered by the concept of the idiot (Deleuze and Guattari, 2014; Stengers, 2005) in relation to the emergence of the idea of the Smart City and its datafication dynamics.… Continue reading

September 28, 2018
by Emily Nicholls

Welcome Jade Henry

Jade Henry is very pleased to be joining CISP as a post-doctoral Visiting Research Fellow until October 2019. During this period, she will be consolidating her recently completed doctoral work on Critical Care, mobile learning technology and the global health sector. This will culminate in the submission of a grant proposal for a new research project at Goldsmiths, examining the intersections between care practices, algorithms, and the formation of publics.

Jade recently earned her PhD at UCL Institute of Education where she studied the matters of care in designing new mobile learning technology for Kenyan community health workers. Prior to this, she worked for over a decade as a researcher analyst at Kaiser Permanente, a private sector health care delivery system in the US.… Continue reading