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CISP Salon: Ecologies of Care


11th December 2018 5-7pm

Warmington Tower 1204

This year, CISP Salon extends its exploration of what it means to “think with care” in Science and Technology Studies. Building on an understanding of care as an embodied, sociomaterial practice (Puig de la Bellacasa, 2017), we will meet to further examine the politics of care in a variety of empirical settings, as well as identify different research methods that might be used to trace and analyse these contested knowledge practices.

To launch the 2018-2019 Salon, we will explore Stenger’s concept of “ecologies of practices” in relation to Murphy’s call for “a vexation of care”, and discuss what this might mean for our own practices as critical scholars of science and technology.


We will be reading: 
Stengers, Isabelle. 2005 “Introductory notes on an ecology of practices” Cultural Studies Review. 11(1). P. 184-196.
Murphy, Michelle. 2015. “Unsettling Care: Troubling Transnational Itineraries of Care in Feminist Health Practices.” Social Studies of Science 45 (5): 717–37.


Organised by Fay Dennis, Emily Jay Nicholls and Jade Henry

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